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The Ezebuild garden

building base system is designed to be

 fast and easy to install, and built to last.

 Each foot will carry  1000 kgs of vertical weight, which means that eight feet kit will carry a dispersed load of 8 metric tonnes.  Most garden buildings are less that 1 tonne in weight.

By lifting the building completely off of the ground you totally protect it from ground- water rotting the timbers, and allow air to circulate under the floor, preventing fungal growth attacking the underside of the floor.

Our team have been selling garden building bases since 1996 and have many written testimonials from clients                 

Shedbase - Ezebuild

                               Base completed

                               Cabin completed

Installation of the base is simple,  there are only five simple stages

1) Set out the concrete blocks following our printed instructions and plan. Check levels on sides and diagonals ( Standard - Premier - Ultra )

2) Assemble and place the  feet onto the blocks as shown on the drawing supplied in the kit

3) Place the timbers onto the feet, drill one hole at each end of the timbers using the feet as a template

4) Insert a bolt through the timbers and foot bracket at each end and tighten the nut onto the bolt

5) Adjust the feet  to get the height correct and level with the other feet and then tighten the lock nuts